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, 21.08.2018


City Hall in Barczewo
Plac Ratuszowy 1

11-010 Barczewo
tel.+48 89 514 84 39
e-mail: invest@barczewo.pl


The Barczewo commune is an urban-rural commune, located in the District Olsztyn (in the north-east of Olsztyn), in the Warmia and Mazury Voivodeship. The Barczewo commune borders with the following municipalities: Olsztyn, Biskupiec, Dywity, Dźwierzuty, Jeziorany and Purda. The town and commune covers an area of 31 985 ha, of which 11 199 ha are forests and 1 513 ha are lakes and rivers.

Communication accessibility

The geographical and spatial location of the commune and the city of Barczewo is characterized by:

  • close neighborhood with the capital of the voivodship – the city of Olsztyn,
  • proximity of large cities: Olsztyn,
  • favorable connection of the commune with the national road No. 16, connecting the whole area of ​​northern Poland with the eastern border of Poland and Belarus.

Distance and travel time::

  1. to cities:

    • Olsztyn – 17,9 km (24 minutes)
    • Gdańsk – 169 km (2 hours 30 minutes)
    • Warszawa – 232 km (2 hours 50 minutes)
  2. to airports:

    • Szymany – 65,1 km (54 minutes)
    • Gdańsk – 184 km (1 hour 39 minutes)
    • Warszawa – 242 km (2 hours 57 minutes)
  3. to boundary crossing in Bezledy – 69,5 km ((1 hour 3 minutes)

Statistical data
(data as at 19/06/2018)


Barczewo is a dynamically developing commune of southern Warmia with a high economic, natural and cultural potential. Barczewo’s authorities focus on strengthening a good business climate and creating favorable conditions for investors to develop their business. Barczewo also belongs to the international network of Cittaslow cities, guaranteeing both favorable conditions for investing and living.

Sectors of the economy with the greatest potential:

  • services sector,
  • production and trade sector.

Technical infrastructure

GThe Barczewo commune is implementing a number of infrastructure investments, successively increasing the number of properties with full access to the infrastructure.

A significant part of investment areas has access to full technical infrastructure.

Human potential, education

  • Number of unemployed people in the district (January 2018): 5919
  • Registered unemployment rate in the district: 15,3%
  • Registered unemployment rate in the Barczewo commune:14,6 %
  • Average salary: PLN 3.446,45 gross, which corresponds to 84,70% of the average monthly gross wage in Poland.

MA strong point is the high level of primary and lower secondary education as well as lower labor costs (wages) and a high level of its supply as an important component of high investment attractiveness.

A great advantage is the proximity of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn. The university consists of 17 faculties. 14 faculties have full academic rights, i.e. the power to confer academic degrees of habilitated doctor (in 16 disciplines). On these 17 faculties in the academic year 2016/17 there are over 20.000 students on 74 specialities, including around 19.000 in full-time studies and 600 doctoral students and 1.200 people in post-graduate studies.

The University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn closely cooperates with the economy, running a database of technology and service offers. This cooperation is coordinated by the Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer, helping to effectively use the results of science research of university staff for the needs of the economy.

Good communication of the Barczewo Commune with Olsztyn allows the flow of employees.

The largest companies in the commune:

  • Primavera Furniture Sp. z o.o – Industrial sector – furniture production,
  • Gospodarstwo Ogrodnicze Łęgajny Sp. z o.o. – Agricultural sector – gardening
  • Tewes-Bis Sp. z o.o. – industrial sector – machines and equipment for industry
  • Biuro Podróży Star-Turist Sp. z o.o. (Sindbad Sp. z o.o.) – Service sector – bus transport
  • KAMAL Sp. z o.o. – sektor przemysłowy -produkcja prefabrykatów betonowych
  • Przedsiębiorstwo Badawczo- Wdrożeniowe “OLMEX” S.A. – industrial sector – production of precast concrete products
  • MP GROUP Sp. z o.o. – industrial sector – electric power industry

Investor supporting institutions:

Business-related institutions and services:

  • Economic Council
  • Notary office
    Kancelaria Notarialna Alicja Harajda, Monika Mikłaszewicz-Reszko http://notariuszbarczewo.pl/
  • IT services
    KompuSerwis Jan Kowalewski http://kompuserwis.pl/
  • Translation services
    Dulisz Ilona (German language) – tel. 606 251 893
    Jachimowicz Aneta (German language) – tel. 89 534 57 14
    Szymański Kazimierz (Slovak language) – tel. 604 369 823
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