Why is it worth investing here?

, 21.08.2018


  • Favorable location of the Barczewo Commune in the course of the national road No. 16, in the immediate vicinity of Olsztyn – the capital of the Warmia and Mazury Voivodeship. Barczewo is the first town on the route leading from Olsztyn towards the Great Masurian Lakes.
  • High natural and landscape values.
  • Dynamic development of the tourist services sector.
  • A natural clean environment conducive to ecological agricultural production and agri-food processing.
  • Excellent access to specialized employees and scientists, in connection with the neighborhood of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, which educates, among others, in technical, biotechnology or agricultural fields.

The biggest tourist attractions of the commune

Town hall

The building was built in the nineteenth century in the neo-Gothic style on a rectangular plan. The town hall tower is now an excellent vantage point, from which you can admire the panorama of the charming Barczewo.

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Church St. Anne and St. Stephen

The late-gothic parish church, erected in the 14th century, has been rebuilt many times due to numerous fires. The church has a mesh vault and a star-shaped vault, from the east there is a presbytery, A courtyard surrounded by a wall with three large gates and five wickets. Interior decor mostly Baroque and neo-Gothic. The church has organs from around 1700.


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Church St. Andrew the Apostle with the chapel of St. Anthony

The church, built in 1325, then constantly rebuilt, has a rich interior design from the 17th and 18th centuries, including eight Baroque altars and a Rococo pulpit. In the chapel there is one of the most beautiful works of the Renaissance in Warmia – the tombstone of Andrzej Batory, bishop of Warmia, who in the 16th century brought the Bernardine to the then monastery and contributed to its magnificence.

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Church St. Dyzma

A prison neo-gothic church, formerly known as a chapel. It was used until 1945 by both prisoners and a prison guard. A typical one-story building with a tower above the entrance. Currently unavailable for visitors.

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The only Jewish synagogue in the classicist style from 1894 preserved in the District Olsztyn. Inside there is a women’s gallery with a wooden balustrade. Currently, the building is the “Synagogue” Art Gallery.

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Water tower

Neo-Gothic brick building from 1907. A water reservoir consisting of three parts: the lower one, the wider one ending with a roof, the middle one with ogive and a tented roof covered with sheet metal.

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Treasury of European Culture

The former Evangelical-Augsburg church from the 19th century, surrounded by tree boughs, is the youngest sacral building in the city. Currently, the building has been revitalized and adapted to the art gallery and small concert hall. The large space and unique acoustics allowed for creating a place for the need to support the development of art and culture in Barczewo.

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Feliks Nowowiejski’s Musical Salon

Previously, he was called the Biographical Museum. Currently, the Music Salon is placed in a building, where the family home of Nowowiejski’s was placed, the creator of the Warmian Hymn, a great composer, conductor, pedagogue and organizer of musical life in Barczewo was located. There are numerous souvenirs, photographs, manuscripts of works, personal items, as well as a piano on which the artist played.

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The South Gate, called Olsztyn Gate

The Barczewo commune is called the valley of wayside shrines, because almost in every part there are Warmian wayside shrines, which are one of the most recognizable elements of this region.

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